Employer-based job preparation

Although there are many job preparation courses available to long-term unemployed people and to people from groups facing particular barriers to employment, few are delivered by employers themselves.

Clean Slate needs to know the jobseekers it works with mean business about finding employment. Whether we are to place them with a mainstream employer as a recruitment agency, or whether we will employ them ourselves in our walk-in centres, in Clean Slate Distribution or The HandyHelp Company, we have to see for ourselves how much they have to offer.

It’s not in our interests to duplicate training that is already available but we have to be able to assess jobseekers’ job readiness, which we have defined against seven points:

  1. Vision:  Clarity about what they want to achieve work-wise

  2. Presentation:  Ability to tell employers what they have to offer

  3. Accepting help:  It’s okay to need extra help but are they willing to find it and accept it?

  4. Passion:  Focus on work they’d enjoy, find fulfilling and playing to their strengths

  5. Skills:  Do they/ will they have the right skills and qualities?

  6. Expectations:  Clarity about what employers want and what to expect from employers?

  7. Motivation:  Are they driven and confident about their goals?

To assess jobseekers’ readiness for employment without asking jobseekers to repeat learning they may have completed with other agencies, Clean Slate has devised a list of supporting evidence to fast-track individuals through the process. This requires discussion prior to candidates referral, however, as our employer-based interpretation of ‘job ready’ means individuals may need support to understand why the CV we would be impressed by may not be what they arrive with.

We can work alongside agencies already providing support but we can help jobseekers ourselves to explore what they’d like to do and what’s holding them back, find out if they can work while on benefits, get their CV together, access the right training for the right jobs, and keep up-to-date with our latest vacancies and search for other jobs.

We want to hear from any agencies who may be interested in collaborating with Clean Slate as an intermediate labour market employer. Our relationship will fit around what you offer already but as an idea, here is how we work already with different partners:

  • Agencies refer candidates to induction training and employer-based job preparation (which is sometimes free where we are commissioned by local authorities or employers looking for staff)

  • Agencies send jobseekers on courses designed to fill particular gaps or meet groups’ interests in what employers want

  • Co-design and co-delivery of in-house training delivered on-site at the familiar surroundings of an agency’s premises

To discuss partnership working and find out more about forthcoming inductions, training and job preparation activity, please contact jeff@cleanslateltd.co.uk

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