The Right People, First Time

We have learnt that employers with vacancies often feel they need a better offer than large numbers of unsifted candidates from the Job Centre or costly services from recruitment agencies. Clean Slate offers a cost-effective, recruitment and training service to engage local jobseekers and identify the right candidates for the right roles.

Our community walk-in services and our 2-day '7 Signs Training' programmes put jobseekers through their paces and minimise the risk, the cost and the hassle of filling vacancies with local jobseekers. We have a track record for finding jobseekers who are motivated and eager to prove themselves, working with them to explore and match job goals to their strengths and interests.

We invest time and effort in unearthing jobseekers' potential and growing the talent. As a social enterprise, our mission is to benefit communities by re-activating jobseekers as capable candidates for local vacancies.  See how Nicole benefited.

We employ these jobseekers ourselves in our support centres, as workers for Clean Slate Distribution, our delivery and packing service, and for The HandyHelp Company, providing facilities support to organisations and handyperson services to domestic customers, social landlords and owners of empty properties bringing homes back into use.