Quids in! Wellbeing Guide

Many of the jobseekers we meet have had experience of mental health issues, often borne out of the experiences that form their barriers to work. As we've foucussed on our mental health support in 2017, we've collaborated with Social Publishing Project and B&NES healthcare professionals to produce the Quids in! Wellbeing Guide. Publication is timed to coincide with World Mental Health Day and it's theme this year of mental health in the workplace.

The guide is written in an easy to read, engaging style and is packed with signposting and support towards B&NES organisations.


Clean Slate founder Jeff Mitchell says:

“Clean Slate sees so many people with emotional support needs or mental health issues. We stick to our strengths, though, and focus on how much people have to offer to employers if they can find the right job and the right help. We were so pleased to help make the B&NES Wellbeing Guide happen – we know it’s what hundreds of local people, in work and out, could use.

“Our peer advisers have often lived through these things but have found a way through to paid employment. They want to share what they’ve learned and our 7 Signs Training is structured approach to gaining new-found confidence and motivation. Time and again, people with mental health issues have told us our approach helped them find a job that fits with their needs and improves their wellbeing.”


Read an online version of the guide and find out more information here.

Posted on 3rd October 2017 by Daniel Fineman

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