Homeless Transition Fund Report 2014


Established for four years in Bath and the South West, HandyHelp Co had yet to make any inroads in to London in 2014 where Clean Slate had been operating for 2 years.

In January '14 we recieved funding for one year from the Homeless Transition Fund to bring HandyHelp Co to the capital and engage with people affected by homelessness in 8 London boroughs.

We are happy to report that our ourcomes for this period are hugely encouraging, hitting many of our targets for the year.

We comissioned an external evaluation of our work for the year to feed back to HTF. Undertaken by Jane de Vekey at Bournemouth University, here is a brief summary of her conclusions:


  • 13 homeless / at risk people gained paid work through HandyHelp Co.
  • 119 homeless / at risk people were engaged in training thorug Clean Slate, 7 of whom were rough sleepers.
  • 6 of the 8 rough sleepers Clean Slate met in 2014 had their immediate accommodation needs met ('no second night out').
  • A total of 185 unemployed people were engaged in Clean Slate projects in 2014. 14 of these had slept rough in the past 2 years.
  • Clean Slate paid a total of £19.742 to individuals employed through HandyHelp Co in 2014.


Case Study 1:

A male ex-offender who was long-term unemployed and had problems attending Job Centre Plus to sign on was referred to Clean Slate. A Work Champion spent time listening ‘between the lines’ to him and took things ‘at his pace’, eventually identifying a previously non-disclosed mental health issue which affected his ability to behave consistently and attend interviews, etc. The Work Champion helped him access counselling and additional support whilst carrying on seeing him once a week to talk about training and work opportunities he might be interested in. He declared an interest in painting and decorating, the Work Champion helped him access a training course and he obtained work through HandyHelp Co.


Further outcomes and Case Studies can be read in full in the report which we will have available online soon.

Posted on 18th February 2015 by Daniel Fineman