HandyHelp Takes a Pause

Since its launch in  2010, our handyperson enterprise HandyHelpCo has been a great success.

Initially launching in partnership with DHI in Bath, HandyHelp expanded to London in 2014 supported by the Homless Transition Fund, bringing in work for our jobseekers from local residents and housing associations. In 2016 HandyHelpCo was successful in winning a grant from the RBS Skills & Enterprise Fund which enabled us to bring in a full time manager, taking the enterprise to a new level.

HandyHelp's successes have received attention from the press in Bath and London (here and here) and we're delighted that many employees have gone on to find permanent work in their chosen areas.

Read the Homeless Transition Fund report for HandyHelpCo in London


"After being unemployed due to addiction and mental illness for over a decade, HandyHelpCo / Clean Slate were my first venture into the normalities of the "regular" working world.

The changes I was able to make in my time there were multi faceted and built my confidence and belief up to a place where I could persue a managed move into full time employment.

There were always staff on hand to support me and give me guidance! I found how relatable they were to be pivotal in making me feel the challenges I faced weren't insurmountable, and in turn, this instilled me with hope. I'd liken this to a holistic approach, from helping with tax returns, to dealing with CV's, personal development and grasping basic IT skills.

I've now been in my full time job for 2 years and still feel able to ask for advice should I need it!

Cheers HH / CS!"

Paradoxically, HandyHelpCo's greatest success also proved to be it's biggest hurdle. As jobseekers came into the enterprise they quickly found themselves skilling up to become efficient, reliable handypersons receiving a decent wage for their efforts. The hope that this would lead to an increase in confidence and motivation proved true and our trustworthy team would soon move on to pastures new and back into secure, regular employment.

Whilst we couldn't be happier for our workers' successes, it left us with a head scratcher: how do we guarantee HandyHelpCo's customers a top notch, competitive service while continuing to encourage our staff to move on to bigger and better things?

It's a quandry we're taking some time out with to solve, so while HandyHelpCo takes a short breather, it's staff members are on track and back to full speed.

Click here for a gallery of some of HandyHelpCo's work



Posted on 24th April 2017 by Daniel Fineman

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