Ellimay’s Story

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My name is Ellimay Wade, I am a single parent in the Bath area I first came to Clean Slate in the summer 2013, I was at the time taking six months off to cope with my depression issues.

I joined in with the two day Induction, which got me thinking more about long term employment plan. Shortly after this I returned to my domestic cleaning services I run on my own providing cleaning services to the general public. I also was offered training from Clean Slate so I could work within the company as a Work Champion helping people write CVs and enrolling them on the same Induction I did. 

Around the same time I also got involved with HandyHelpCo which is a brother company for Clean Clate offering services and maintaince repairs. I went out on several  jobs for HandyHelp, from decoration to gardening and cleaning.

I also undertake several hours work as contracted through Curo and Clean Slate for a laundry service job. This is normally done every 3-6 months.

Currently I am working as a Work Champion on a Wednesday for Clean Slate and am still growing my confidence. I have just taken over the catering side of events that Clean Slate hold, I am responsible for the organisation of a buffet lunch from shopping preparing and serving the lunch. I am still growing my cleaning business and have recently begun to take on extra staff to help with the workload.

I am positive about the future although I’m not sure in which direction that will head, and I am grateful to Clean Slate for the help I have received off them in the past few years.


If you are experiencing similar issues to Ellimay's and would like to get back into work, drop us a line. Click here for details.

Posted on 28th May 2016 by Daniel Fineman