Working towards employment

You might think you’re not ready for work but what if we could pay you to work in a team stuffing envelopes? Or out on the streets delivering leaflets door to door? Or stewarding at festivals? Or even working one afternoon in the reception of a local housing office? Well that’s what Clean Slate Temp Workers do already. We can provide support and training but what makes us different is that we’re ready to offer job seekers paid work so you can grow your confidence, your skills and your CV. Some people can start work while still on benefits.

Signing up for work

The best way to get paid work through Clean Slate is to become a Member and make regular use of one of our centres. The better we know you, the more likely it is we’ll think of you when we have a job to get done or an employer who needs an extra pair of hands. People who are working on our job preparation training are eligible to be placed with employers through Clean Slate Employment, the temp agency we set up just for unemployed people. But you can also work for Clean Slate Distribution that, quite frequently, has packing or delivery jobs that need a big team of reliable people. You can get involved and prove yourself.

Only people willing and able to work hard for a day or half a day will be put forward for paid work. You’ll need to sign a Code of Practice, which means you agree to stick to our rules. This is important because our customers have placed trust in people that others might assume will let them down.

Tips for finding work through Clean Slate

  • We’ll publish vacancies as they arise. Keep an eye on this web page - bookmark it in your web browser.
  • Keep in touch to remind us you’re still interested, preferably taking up our job preparation training. The keener we know you are, the harder we’ll work to find you something
  • If you’re on our books and a temp opportunity comes up that we know you’d like, we’ll get in touch
  • Make use of one of our centres to search for jobs online. Our staff will help you through this process while you develop your IT skills

To get started or to find out more please get in touch, or visit your local Clean Slate walk-in centre.

Find out more about the training and support we offer by visiting our ‘How we’ll work together’ page.

Register as a member to receive:

  • Free access to the Internet (with help from friendly staff)
  • Training on jobseeking, interviews and planning your next steps
  • Expert advice and direction from our team

Register now

You can register with Clean Slate by completing our Aspirations Survey in the link below:

Aspirations Survey