Clear Your Personal Hurdles

One thing that makes Clean Slate different is that we want to employ you ourselves, in our own projects and by placing you with mainstream employers. As an employer, we know what we’re looking for from jobseekers: reliable, committed, ready to prove yourself, clear about what you have to offer, etc. We’ll help you tick those boxes – and we’re starting that work on this website.

Like any employer, we’re not going to hold your hand and take care of your health, provide every kind of training, find you housing, benefits advice or help with problems you’ve had with the law. But you’ll be a better worker if we’re flexible and help you find this help. Needing help isn’t a bad thing. What we care about is what you can do and how well you work when given the chance.

Confidence and motivation: Take a look at yourself and think about what you’re good and what you like doing. What jobs would you be good at and get you out of bed in the morning. We don’t think you should go for every job. Focus on where your best chance of success lies

Training: You can improve your job search but you may also need job skills, from using IT to forklift trucks, or for trades like plumbing or hairdressing. Gaining experience is a different way toward your dream job too. You might want a job that needs a degree or a clear criminal record, like youth and social work, but charities have similar jobs and you can start as a volunteer.

Health and housing: Your health or housing situation may be holding you back from finding work but use the idea of a job to inspire you to get on top of the problems, rather than letting them stay on top of you. For starters, find online advice on your local council website, or visit:

Money and benefits: Worrying about how a job would affect benefits or trying how earnings will impact the monthly budget, debt or saving for the future can put people off seeking a new job. Grasp the nettle. Help is out there.