Beef Up Your Job Search

Many jobseekers we see have been trying to find work for a while. You might not know your way around the internet very well and, even if you do, the web is a big place if you don’t narrow your search to the jobs that are right for you. (See our checklist of questions about how focused you are.) However, the internet is a good place to start. Here’s a beginner’s guide:

  • Go to Google or any search ‘engine’ page and simply type the kind of work you want, the area you want to work in, plus ‘vacancies’. Eg, ‘Forklift driving London jobs’
  • There are loads of websites for jobseekers, so have a look at a few and check that their listings are the kind of jobs you are looking for. If not, change the words in your search and try again
  • Some websites will ask you to register with them and they might want to email you about jobs as they come up. You have nothing to lose but of course you will need an email address
  • Look at some of the ads and see what training or experience they expect you to have. Make a plan, if you need to get these under your belt first
  • Often you can apply online from within the website you found the job on but you may need to register with them first. Otherwise, follow their instructions
  • If you now need to find a training course, repeat step 1 but change the word ‘jobs’ to ‘training’. Free training can be harder to find but keep trying and if you need to, find an email address for one of the training courses and contact them to ask where you might be able to find funding help or a free course
  • If it’s experience you need, you might have to be creative. Try a search for ‘Volunteer forklift driving jobs London’

All this is good practice and you’ll quickly learn how the internet can work for you. More and more, services, jobs and advice will be online and you’ll be able to get what you want just by knowing your way round a computer. You’ll also be able to save yourself money by getting yourself web savvy – and chances are, you’ll need it for whatever job you’re applying for, even if you don’t use a computer day to day, like if you want to be a forklift truck driver.