The Upwardly Mobile Network


Welcome to Step Up, the Upwardly Mobile Network.  If you're in a low paid job in London but want to take home more money and improve life for you and your family, you're in the right place.

Clean Slate and Thames Reach have joined forces to sign up people like you as members and help you:

  • Earn at least the London Living Wage, (£9.40 ph), for at least 14 hours a week
  • Improve the financial wellbeing of you and your family
  • Find better roles with more job satisfaction and leading to opportunities in the future

Step Up will help you find ways to break through barriers holding you back. We employ members to help other members, so there’s always someone to talk to who knows what things are like. There are events, drop-in sessions, and computers you can use to improve your skills or search for better paid work.

What is also special about Step Up is that we’ll also send you tailored details of jobs and training that might take you towards your goals. All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for and keep your Profile up-to-date every couple of months.

Sign Up

Signing up is simple. And creating your Profile is easy too. You just need to answer some questions:

*Not everyone is great with computers, so feel free to get help to fill in these surveys from someone you trust. If there isn’t anyone, contact Denise (see below).

Anyone who is in work but on low pay can join Step Up but full membership is available if you:

  • Have been in low paid work for 12 months or more
  • Are employed 14 hours or more a week
  • Earn on average less than £9.15 per hour
  • (We are particularly keen to sign up members who live in Lambeth)

Step Up, The Upwardly Mobile Network, is funded by Trust for London and the Walcot Foundation. It is also supported by Quids in! magazine, helping readers stretch and manage their money.

‘Hello, I’m Denise’

“My name is Denise and I am the Support Worker at Step Up. I’m the first member of the Upwardly Mobile Network as I was previously on a low income and have moved into a job with more hours and better pay. I know what it’s like to feel lucky just to have a job but I also understand wanting more for me and my family.

“If you have any questions about Step Up or about ways to find better work, please do get in touch – my details are below. I’m here if you need help with our Surveys or finding work now. Please do get involved. I look forward to hearing from you and maybe seeing you at one of our events or if you want to pop in to get online, updating your CV or looking for training.”


Telephone: 07760 615 331
Drop in: The Employment Academy, 29 Peckham Rd, London, SE5 8UA (Find Us)