Stay on top of your welfare rights

This page has been produced in partnership with Quids in!, the money management magazine for people on low incomes.

Most jobseekers Clean Slate works with are entitled to benefits but the welfare system is changing rapidly right now. We do not offer specialist welfare advice, you should get that from an approved advice agency like Turn2us or Citizens Advice. Here, we outline what you should know. For advice, visit:

We have started these pages with Universal Credit because it will soon affect most people on low incomes, especially jobseekers.

If you want to check you are receiving all the benefits you might be entitled to, visit this Benefits Checker.


What you need to know about changes to benefits

The cuts have started but there are lots of changes coming in gradually. Some will change person by person, on the anniversary of your first claim, for example. Others affect everyone at the same time. Others again are different depending on your local authority. As you can see, it's very difficult to provide everyone with up-to-date information, so it's worth checking local details.

You should also check if you will be affected by the various benefit caps, which also depend on where you live.