Ready to make a fresh start?

If you’re serious about employment, we can help you grow your confidence and skills, set goals and make plans. We’re an employer ourselves, so once you’ve proved you’re job ready, we’ll offer you paid work when we can*. Below are the questions we ask to see how job ready you are:

  1. Vision: Are you clear about the work you want?
  2. Presentation: Can you explain how much you have to offer?
  3. Help: It’s okay to need help but are you willing to find and accept it?
  4. Passion: Are you set on work you’d enjoy and that plays to your strengths?
  5. Skills: Do you have (or will you have) the right skills?
  6. Expectations: Are you sure what employers want?
  7. Motivation: Are you confident and driven about your goals?

If you can’t answer ‘Yes, definitely, without a doubt’ to all these questions, we have some tips and pointers to help. If you can get to a Clean Slate office, we’ll guide you through the process. Otherwise, head to the Towards Job Readiness page, then come back to the checklist and see if you feel more confident.

*Please note, we may not have paid work when you need it but, in the meantime, we'll help you with your search for a job elsewhere. Keep up-to-date with our latest vacancies

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To find out more about getting back to work, and making a fresh start, visit our ‘How we’ll work together’ page, or visit your local Clean Slate walk-in centre.

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