Strivers or Skivers?

Clean Slate pledges to find good workers for good jobs for employers who see how much unemployed people have to offer. This work is made harder by media soundbites about 'strivers and skivers' from politicians of all parties.

Unemployment is a negative experience. All the jobseekers on our books want to work. They're a small sample of millions in a similar position. In an employers' market, what chance do these people stand when vilified and demonised in the media? It's a massive own goal to tell employers benefit claimants are feckless and workshy.

Agree? Disagree? Watch our video and make up your own mind:



As well as causing employers to think twice about recruiting long-term unemployed people, describing benefit claimants as 'skivers' has been described by the New Economics Foundation as a myth: 

"The division between strivers and skivers is a false one. Increasingly, people are forced to shuttle between spells of unemployment and short-term, low-paid insecure jobs. All but a tiny minority of jobless people are out of work because they are disabled, have caring responsibilities or simply cannot find a job." [More here]


If you agree that it is counter-productive to label jobseekers 'skivers' and that until this changes, employers will be unlikely to give them fair access to jobs and unemployed people will remain stuck on benefits, you can support our campaign in three ways:

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  2. Write to your MP, pointing out the short-sightedness of labelling everyone who's out of work as skivers
  3. Share the video above and ask others to join the campaign