A Foot on the Ladder: HandyHelp


April 2017 Update Following a happy and successful pilot phase of HandyHelp, we are currently taking a break from enquiries while we consider where to take the project next. We hope to back up and running very soon, stay tuned for updates!

In 2010, a landlord asked Clean Slate about starting a handypersons firm to help tenants while creating work for workless people. Research into the aspirations of jobseekers had already uncovered interest in construction and the ‘wet trades’, so when a local council asked us to build a team in Bath to help bring empty homes into use, we did.

We created The HandyHelp Co with health and independence charity DHI. As a joint venture, it supplies quality, ethical handyperson services to paying customers – domestic residents, social landlords and local authorities. See www.handyhelp.org.uk

Clean Slate’s role is to create a workforce of trained, tested and trusted workers to provide quality services to HandyHelp customers. Strategically, alongside DHI, we link up with local initiatives to generate business but also maximise social impact. See our notes on:

In 2014, Clean Slate won Homelessness Transition Funding to take HandyHelp to London. We'll see 240 jobseekers thinking of gardening, painting/ decorating, repairs/ maintenance or cleaning. 120 will complete an Induction and 20 will end up in work with HandyHelp.

Clean Slate helps jobseekers with any aspiration. If HandyHelp roles are not for them, we’ll still help with job search. Along the way, we also recruit peer support advisors to help us help at least 20 per cent of jobseekers to help themselves find mainstream employment.