How you can support Clean Slate

Our fundraising means Clean Slate supporters can invest in the training and support we provide for people facing barriers to employment.

Each of our four centres, in London and the West of England, works with up to 400 jobseekers a year. Most engage our job preparation programme and we help them grow in confidence, realising how much they have to offer. More than a hundred find mainstream employment. Through the recruitment service, we aim to place at least 100 people in paid work placements where they can prove themselves.

We are a social enterprise, so while our aims are charitable we try to use business means to cover costs. To engage employers, we offer a recruitment service and they pay us for finding candidates to fill vacancies. We also have our own enterprises, Clean Slate Distribution and The HandyHelp Co, that create work opportunities too. All proceeds are invested in training and personal development programmes. 



Re-activate Someone: Knocked back from hundreds of jobs and under pressure from the Job Centre, people feel de-activated. Our goal is to switch the light back on, first we start with how much they have to offer. The cost per person for a confidence-building workshop:  £61.25

Clear Vision, Not Resumes of a Chequered Past: Not any old CV, (see how we do it here), it takes at least 12 hours for a jobseeker to really explore how much they have to offer and what their job goal should be. Cost:  £105

Sponsor a Jobseeker: The cost of sponsoring one place on our ‘On the Job’ work preparation programme:  £175

Induction Programmes: We plan to run 10 intensive induction programmes to line up teams of jobseekers to join our ranks of temp workers. Each one will cost: £2,100

Work Champions: In each of our centres, we recruit long-term unemployed people to engage, inspire and advise jobseekers. Peer support and guidance ensures the service is more accessible than most other support available. Each Champion works a day a week and each year costs: £3,500 (outside London) and £4,000 (in London)