Get involved in Clean Slate

There is a growing distaste for headlines blaming jobseekers for their own unemployment. Many need help and the State is failing to deliver the practical support they need. Clean Slate offers a new approach that is designed to re-activate people, so they can believe in themselves and find work. There are a range of ways you can support Clean Slate. 

Employers can open their doors to our workers who have proved themselves ready for work. And supporters of what we're trying to do can sponsor our work, so we can do more of it.

Clean Slate has developed some partnerships and enterprises of its own. Maybe you could use our trained stewards or even a comprehensive stewarding operation (in partnership with Green Stewards). Perhaps your business needs a boost through packing or distribution services and, if so, Clean Slate Distribution could help. Or if there's something around your home or garden needs doing, check out what the HandyHelp Company can do. Each of these create work opportunities for formerly unemployed people who have proved themselves ready and eager to prove themselves in work.