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Clean Slate Training & Employment was set up in 2006 as a social enterprise creating and supporting paid work opportunities for people facing barriers to the labour market.

We employ long-term unemployed people as peer advisors helping us support other jobseekers, within our own enterprises like Clean Slate Distribution and The HandyHelp Co, and this helps inspire them about how much they have to offer and what they are able to do. Some of our workers have been out of work while raising a family, some are young and have never experienced employment, and some have overcome setbacks. All of them are ready to prove themselves on the job.

Our workers are keen to start employment and to build a future for themselves. We simply offer structured, practical, inspiring opportunities to make this happen.

Alongside paid work, we have employment search facilities, job preparation and in-work support programmes to help individuals present themselves in the best possible light and start work with confidence.

Our core offer is now available 'off the peg' and can be commissioned by employers, authorities and partners. Out tried and tested Community Engagement Package and the 2-day '7 signs' Training Programme can now be rolled out in any location. Contact us for further information.


One day anyone willing and able to do a day’s paid work will have the opportunity to do so regardless of their background.


To create a level playing field for people facing barriers to employment by equipping them with the means to compete in the jobs market and supporting employers to be inclusive in how they find good workers.


We pledge to find good workers for good jobs and call on employers to see how much unemployed people have to offer. This work is made harder by policies and soundbites about 'strivers and skivers' by politicians from all parties. Find out more here.

No-one should be left behind as the world goes online and so, with Quids in! magazine, we launched the Access Granted campaign. A lack of IT access and skills pushes jobseekers limits access to jobs, benefits and services. Find out more here.

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You can help to support us by making a donation or becoming a member. Call us to find out more on 01225 302200.

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